About VSL

Valmon Securities Limited (VSL) was incorporated in 1997 and commenced operations in November, 1998 with a Paid-up Capital of N20.0 million as a Licensed Stockbroker/Dealer Firm duly registered by The Nigerian Stock Exchange [NSE] and The Securities and Exchange Commission[SEC]. Over the years the firm has handled several financial services as itemized below:

•  Stockbroking

•  Provision of Investment and Financial Advisory services

•  Portfolio Management

•  Other Capital Market Services


We have re-invigorated and re-engineered our processes and have come to the realization of reducing the turn-around time needed to consummate our transactions. Barring unforeseen circumstances from the Registrars and Regulatory authorities, we have reduced the time it takes to process transactions for our numerous customers in order to be able to exceed their expectations.


The firm is well-positioned with an up to date technology in satisfying our customers' needs. We have fully computerized our operations and also connected to the outside world through the information superhighway - the internet. Our computer operations are fully backed-up with off-site storage facility in the event of an outbreak of any disaster.


The firm is highly innovative and we are always carrying out researches into how to improve our position in the market and at the same time provide our clients with fast and efficient service.