Stockbrokers to Issues

Our responsibilities, as the financial advisers and Broker/Dealer will be to ensure that:

The transaction is effectively and efficiently managed in relation with The Nigerian Stock Exchange
We would also ensure that an accurate image of all parties to the transaction continues to be projected to the shareholders, 
the regulatory authorities and the general public
We would also recommend an appropriate instrument or a mix of instruments required to achieve the set objectives of the issuer

In order to achieve the above, we would also advise on the volume and timing of the Offer and would also be in a position to recommend an optimal Offer price using the appropriate pricing methods
Discounted Cash flow
Maintainable Earnings
Net Asset Basis for valuation in conjunction with an Issuing House

We would also be involved in the marketing of the Offer to ensure its success from the advantages inherent in a wide market coverage. 

We have successfully acted as a joint Stockbrokers to Diamond Bank Plc, Fidelity Bank Plc.